Thursday, November 29, 2007

Digital Highway Robbery (in a good way)

This is MiShare, a $100 pocket Linux box that lets you clamp in two iPods, butt to butt, to send songs, photos, videos and—truthfully—any other kind of file you want to send from one to the other.

Before the big iPod vs Zune debate flares up, here's the facts. (according to luckypictures)

Allows wireless transfers of anything if you do things right, name the file properly, et cetera. Yes, it has a 3x hack, but the DRM can be cracked.
Does not allow transfers between devices. At all.
Is a hardware hack that allows the transferring of any file from ipod to ipod. They must be connected in order to do this.
Result: Zune wins. No extra device necessary, can be done wirelessly.

HOWEVER, this is an excellent product, and puts the iPod close to the Zune in the Zune's one definite advantage, sharing. Just remember, all this is is a hardware hack for sharing. You can hack the Zune files as well, and don't need an additional $100 device.

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