Monday, May 19, 2008

The New Ferrari California GT

Though the Telegraph UK may have the English prose on the new Ferrari California launch last week, we can turn to Openers for some more exclusive photos of this V8 beast. From the Telegraph: For the first time in a Ferrari, there will be no manual gearbox option and power will be 30bhp down on the entry-level F430. Engine revs are lower and torque is slightly increased, all signs that this car is much more of a luxurious tourer than a hardcore sports car. "It's not a screamer," said a Ferrari spokesman this week. "It's not track-based and it's not about out-and-out power; it's more driveable." The naturally aspirated 4,300cc V8 will be matched to a seven-speed dual-clutch transmission for a smoother drive. The 0-62mph sprint will take less than four seconds and carbon dioxide emissions will be about 310g/km. The Ferrari California is set to launch at the Paris Auto Show in October.

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