Monday, June 2, 2008

The Black Lips: It Feels Alright

The self proclaimed, Atlanta bred "flower punk" band The Black Lips are infamous for their live shows. Despite claims from the band that they have "matured a bit", on any given night you may see the band performing in full frontal nudity, chasing a chicken on stage, full on make out session between band members, urination and other Iggy Pop inspired outrageous protopunk antics. Their energetic shows match perfectly with their brand of skuzzy guitar feedback induced garage punk rock with surprisingly catchy sing along choruses. Not content to simply ride out their bad boy images the band released their fourth album "Good Bad Not Evil" last year to reviews commenting on the bands advancement sonically and lyrically while staying true to their hardcore roots.

The most recent video and single "It Feels Alright" from last year’s album is an ode to the most famous strip club in Atlanta "Magic City". Already immortalized in several hip hop songs, the band takes on the subject without any tongue in cheek sarcasm but rather a full on anthem to getting drunk and riding down Peachtree street for a night of debauchery. The video is a black and white tour guide to Atlanta and of course some well appreciated obligatory shots of the gyrating dancers from the club. Let's just hope next time you're at Magic City you hear this blasting through the speakers.
Via - Hypebeast

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