Thursday, September 25, 2008

Nike - Air Max 90 Premium - ACG Shagmeister Pack QS

Certainly not the first Nike sneaker with visible Air-Sole, still Tinker Hatfield’s classic design invoked a sort of perfection in the eyes of sneaker lovers. The ideal balance between comfortability and functionalism, along with the forward leaning aesthetics which implied a sense of speed. All of which has made Air Max 90 one of the most popular sneaker within Nike’s product portfilo.

And now, AM90 is about to become even more “popular”. Said to be inspired by the Austin Powers film franchise, the recently launched Air Max 90 Quick Strike, code named “ACG Shagmeister Pack”, features 3 wildly colored editions. Portions around the ankle collar (along with the large heel tab) resemble Nike ACG construction. Each also feature a uniquely created toebox in wool. The Nike Air Max 90 Premium - ACG Shagmeister Pack is currently available at all retailers with Nike Quick Strike account, such as Overkill of Berlin.- FRESHNESS

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