Friday, April 3, 2009

There's a 60-foot penis on the roof of your mansion

The giant penis drawn by 18 year-old son, Rory McInnes, remained on top of the house for a year before his parents found out.

Rory McInnes drew a 60-foot long penis on the roof of his parents’ mansion for a year before his parents found out.

The imposing member was first spotted by a helicopter pilot that flew over and allowed his passengers to take a snapshot of the biggest penis they would probably ever see.

Father, Andy McInnes was shocked to hear from The Sun reporters that there was a 60-foot long, spray painted penis covering the rooftop of his family’s prestigious million pound mansion in Hungerford, Berkshire. According to Daily Mail, it wasn’t until he had rounded up each of his four children that Rory claimed the painting as his own work saying, “Oh, you’ve found it then!”

Why on earth would 18-year old, Rory McInnes graffiti an enormous penis on his roof? He wanted to have it pictured on Google Earth. To his disappointment Google Earth hasn’t updated the picture of the mansion’s new rooftop artwork even after a year of its presence.

Rory was inspired by the “naked, sexually aroused and club-wielding” Cerne Abbas giant, an 80-ft fertility symbol that resides on a chalk hill in Dorset, England.

Parents have been reported stating that the spray-painted penis will remain on the roof until the 18-year old son returns home from Brazil, where he is spending his break, and scrubs clean the now famous piece of art that took him over half an hour to draw.
-Lauren Smith via college news

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