Thursday, June 18, 2009

VIDEO: QWE Presents "Anti Matter" by N*E*R*D*

"Anti Matter" Music Video (spec) - N*E*R*D* from QWE on Vimeo.

A young woman (Lyndsey Doolen) grabs her iPod and takes to the streets of Downtown Los Angeles at night.

Directed by: Joel Hoffman
Produced by: David Snyder & Joel Hoffman
Starring: Lyndsey Doolen
Location: Downtown, Los Angeles
Treatment & Concept by: Joel Hoffman & David Snyder
Edited by: Joel Hoffman at Quarter Water Ent., Studio City, CA
A Quarter Water Entertainment Production
Music by: N*E*R*D*

This is a "Spec" Video. Meaning that all the visual content was Produced & Directed by QWE and put to the music of N*E*R*D*'s "Anti Matter".

This is also our 1000th Post on the site, and couldn't imagine a better way to celebrate. So if you've never been to QWE blog before, take a second to check out our catalog of content. Feel free to leave comments, tell your friends, or Bookmark/ Follow us. We update daily, so check-in often.


The Manzo's said...

Joel that was AWESOME!!! YOu all did an amazing job!!! Seriously that was stellar!

jis said...

thats a good video. Y dont u put it on youtube for more exposure or is it there already?

Can i pt it on a N*E*R*D message board?

KFLAGE said...

Hey Jis,

The video is on you tube. Please, feel free to put the link on the message board. that would be great. if you do, would you send me the link.

Thanks for the comment.