Thursday, July 8, 2010

Good Ass Job Tracklist - Kanye West

Kanye’s fifth album has a new title that’s yet to be announced, so for now I’ll refer to it as Good Ass Job.

We’ve gotten confirmation from a few independent sources that the track titles are authentic. They’re even in the same order they heard the album in. Take it or leave it.

Of course, nothing’s been finalized yet and this list is missing features.

1. Hell Of A Life
2. Dark Fantasy
3. Power
4. Chain Heavy
5. Ghetto University
6. That’s My Bitch
7. Runaway
8. Lost In The World
9. Gorgeous
10. Monster
11. Holding Me Back
12. Devil In A New Dress
13. The Joy
14. So Appalled
15. Blame Game
16. Sweat On My Face

Due September 14th.

Words & Info via Dre @Nahright


Good Ass Job may be in the wrong hands. A rumor has it that Kanye may have sent Hype Williams a copy of the album and it may have been leaked. The photo above adds a little credibility to the rumor.

I want the album as much as anyone, but leaking an album two months early is pretty shitty. Whoever has it, don't do it.

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