Wednesday, August 19, 2009

4 Unreleased Eminem Tracks (Circa 1990)

I couldn't say it any better than eskay...
Here are 3 extremely rare, and as far as I know, previously unreleased cuts from Marshall’s early 90’s partnership with Chaos Kid under the moniker Soul Intent. According to Chaos Kid’s Myspace, the two rappers, plus producer Manix, worked together from 1988 through 1992, so that would date these songs somewhere in that time period.

"Artificial Flavour"


"Unrealistically Graphic"

"Hammer vs. Vanilla (Bassmint Suckerin Rhyme)"

Em has always listed Big Daddy Kane and 3rd Bass as two of his biggest musical influences, and it’s pretty ill to listen to this stuff now and hear it clear as day. He pretty much sounds like how he looks in that picture above. Obviously these tracks sound incredibly dated now, but all things considered, they really aren’t that bad at all. Via Nahright

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