Thursday, April 22, 2010

Devon Works Tread 1 breaks new horizon in horology

Since timepieces have moved on from traditional looks to become a big part of the fashion world, but most importantly the watches are now designed to push the boundaries of mechanical craftsmanship so as to break new horizons. This is exactly what Devon Works has achieved with their new engineering masterpiece - Tread 1. This space-aged and bulletproof haute horology encloses four 2/1000th of an inch thin belts mounted on a central chassis to allow smooth operation and at the same time to create an illusion as if parts are floating within the case. Powered by four extremely compact microstep motors what could be described as battery, Tread 1 has a integrated wireless technology for battery charging that will run for up to two weeks on a single charge. Made from high grade stainless steel, the Tread 1 will sell for around $15,000. Words by Pankaj for Bornrich.

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